Spring Design Partners believes brands can change the world — and should.

Founded in 1995 by designer Ron Wong, Spring Design Partners is a full-service creative consultancy based in New York City. We harness our years of experience, consumer insight, and network of diverse talent to seed and grow innovative ideas into agents of positive change.

From consumer experiences to visual identity systems to digital content strategy and production, Spring Design Partners develops architecture for iconic brands that build awareness, consumer devotion, and market share.

Together we can change the world — and should.


Brands are what makes us human.

Unlike any other animal, humans have the power to make the immaterial real. From legendary myths to the concept of currency, these intersubjective agreements propel our civilization. Brands are no different. They exist because we believe in them; we invest in them, emotionally and psychically. But they are not static. They must adapt to the ever-changing culture and times.  They are ongoing stories we tell ourselves and each other.

Like stories, brands must have a core message. They must mean something. They have to engage consumers as peers and weave narratives that speak to and for their lifestyles. In short, a successful brand becomes part of the fabric of a consumers’ life. Brands are how we communicate our identities to the world. They’re vehicles for self-expression.

By designing cohesive visual and editorial strategies that connect your unique narratives to the larger cultural zeitgeist, Spring Design Partners creates dynamic stories that break through homogenous tropes to drive brand growth and influence.

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Spring Design Partners believes inclusivity fuels creativity. We take this approach not just with our clients, but with our internal strategy. For each client we customize a diverse collective of next level thinkers to deliver innovative, memorable solutions large agencies would never and could never consider.

Everyone in our collective is either an independent consultant or a boutique agency. We’re talented, driven individuals who chafe at the confines of monolithic agencies, where bulky bureaucracy and group think hinder true innovation. We know it takes grit and determination to grow companies and brands, because we’ve done it ourselves.

Entrepreneurial, agile, and adaptable, we leverage an interdisciplinary approach to break new ground and grow your brand. Research driven and in tune with the zeitgeist, we immerse ourselves in our clients’ culture to identify and amplify foundational messages that resonate with both consumers society at large.

Instead of sitting on the other side of the table or in an office tower, removed from you and your brand, Spring Design Partners is right there with you in the trenches, tailoring our approach to fit your specific goals and passionately advocating for you and your brand. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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